The Auckland Electrification is a cornerstone project for the ANZ region—a NZ$1.2bn development to electrify the city’s existing metro rail network and provide a modern, well connected, sustainable rail network for New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.

AECOM is the lead-designer on the project, which comprises approximately 185 single track kilometres of 25 kV 50 Hz electrification with two feeder stations and four track section cabins. AECOM was commissioned to undertake the overhead wiring and traction power detail design in May 2008, in collaboration with Balfour Beatty rail projects. The design commenced in September 2008, with the majority of the original scope of works being completed in December 2009. However, in 2014, the original scope of work increased significantly.

The overhead wiring (OHW) equipment range used is largely based upon that of the Mark 3B currently in use in the United Kingdom.

In 2014, Auckland Electrification moved a significant step closer to completion. A number of the most challenging and complex aspects of the electrification project were concluded over the December/January holiday period when the team worked an incredible 1,700 hours to ensure outstanding technical excellence was delivered to key client, KiwiRail, during this critical phase of work.

Auckland Electrification is a shining example of AECOM’s cross-regional collaboration with the New Zealand based team drawing on skills, such as overhead electrification design from our Sydney and Brisbane offices and utilising the services of our initial design partners, Balfour Beatty, to work together on the project with scope of work including:

  • OHW feeding layout and sectioning;
  • Detailed designs of feeder stations and track sectioning cabins;
  • Earthing and bonding strategy and design;
  • Risk management;
  • Conductor beam design;
  • OHW basic design;
  • OHW allocation design;
  • OHW Construction Design;
  • Engineering Management; and
  • Engineering assurance, acceptance, and certification.