AECOM Hunt is serving as construction manager for renovations to the Kentucky International Convention Center.

This transformational project requires the demolition and reconstruction of the western half of the existing convention center in order to make way for a new convention center configuration. The new facility will feature 200,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit hall space, up from the existing 146,000 square feet, along with 10,000 additional square feet of ballroom space.

Renovations also featured the redesign and the construction of the lower concourse meeting rooms, new pre-function areas at all three concourses, the addition of unique cantilevered pre-function/circulation areas extending over Market and Jefferson Streets, and new vertical circulation throughout the building. Other improvements include updated, energy efficient HVAC and mechanical systems, state-of-the-art building automation and communications equipment, a new exterior façade, major interior finish upgrades and more.

The new iconic exterior façade will be comprised of metal panels and a combination of masonry brick and stone as well as more than 63,500 square feet of glass curtain wall. This maximizes the natural light, improving building transparency and the facility’s indoor and outdoor visual connections.

The project is designed to attain LEED Silver Certification by reducing landfill waste during construction. In addition, it will employ new energy-efficient mechanical systems, LED lighting, low water use appliances and fixtures, low-volatile organic compound, formaldehyde-free materials, and certified sustainable or reclaimed wood. Finally, a portion of the convention center’s roof will utilize a white “cool” roof design, reducing the building’s urban heat island effect.

Kentucky International Convention Center – A Focus on Safety

As the project’s construction manager, AECOM Hunt is committed to ensuring the protection of the workers who are carefully cutting, pulling, breaking apart and separating the materials. Safety procedures were developed to address the range of risks associated with industrial recycling at the site, where there can be up to 100 workers present at a time.

Preparations include the provision of personal protection equipment for workers using cutting torches at elevated heights and use of other specialized demolition tools at lower levels. Heavy equipment such as cranes, boom lifts and graders operate on the site to assist with the sorting and removal of the separated materials.

Our safety management efforts also extend to protecting the public because the work is taking place in Louisville’s downtown core. Barriers and other physical measures are in place to manage falling debris, and the removal of materials by truck is scheduled at non-peak hours when traffic is least congested.