AECOM is investigating New Zealand’s technical readiness to support the deployment of automated and connected vehicles. This research is focused on the necessary infrastructure, technologies and systems to support level three (conditional autonomy) and level four (nearly autonomous) vehicle automation and connected vehicles.

Automated and connected vehicles rely on a combination of mapping, sensor and communication technologies. AECOM’s research addresses what is technically required for the successful deployment and integration of automated and connected vehicles in New Zealand, including:

  • Digital mapping of New Zealand’s land transport network, including road characteristics, speed limits, etc.
  • Assessment and evaluation of:
    • New Zealand’s roads and roadside infrastructure as relevant to automated vehicles, including lane markings, traffic signal broadcasting, interface with existing ITS, etc.
    • Global Navigation Satellite System coverage and reliability, including the need for augmentation.
    • New Zealand’s direct short range communication and cellular network communication systems and issues, including range, security, etc.

As part of this project, AECOM provides forecasts with regards to automated vehicle penetration within different timeframes as well as forecasts for impact and roadway infrastructure requirements.