Since 1898, AECOM Tishman has managed some of the largest and most complex mixed-use and mega development projects in the U.S. We understand that in the heart of building in the dense, urban realm, a proven approach is needed.

AECOM Tishman has made its mark on the nation’s largest cities – in 1969, we built the John Hancock Center in Chicago, which was the tallest building in the world at the time of completion. In 1972, we constructed the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, which became the tallest buildings in the world at their completion. In 1975, we built Century City in Los Angeles, a sprawling 176-acre neighborhood and business district. In 1982, AECOM Tishman made its mark on Disney World with the construction of EPCOT Center in Orlando. In 2004, we delivered the historic preservation and renovation of the famed Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC. In 2010, we celebrated the completion of CityCenter in Las Vegas, a $9 billion-plus, 76-acre mixed-use complex – the largest private commercial development ever built.

In total, AECOM Tishman has built more than 600 million square feet – from luxury residential buildings to complex mixed-use mega-developments, first-class hotels, historic renovations, top-rated hospitals, and the world’s most revered tall buildings – the AECOM Tishman legacy is one that is even stronger today as we continue to construct buildings that define city skylines and local neighborhoods.