The Gautrain is South Africa’s award-winning first state-of-the-art rapid rail link. It will provide an alternative solution to travel and alleviate traffic congestion in Gauteng, one of the country’s busiest provinces, and connect Pretoria with its largest city Johannesburg.

The 180km rail network with a total of 24 trains running to each of its 10 stations helps provide feeder and distribution services for the 160,000 daily passengers.

AECOM was responsible for the supervision of detailed geotechnical investigation for tunnels, bridges, viaducts, dolomitic (sink-hole) areas, surface and underground stations along the whole 84-km route. Our geotechnical engineers also worked on the review of the preliminary and detailed designs for the tunnel sections, underground stations and all geotechnical related aspects along the route.

The project provides a link to the international airport, enabling quick access to the central business district for commuters. It has won many industry awards for design and innovation.


Patrick Cox