Running from the Caspian Sea to Georgia, the BP managed Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP) can carry up to 100,000 barrels of oil a day, powering Europe’s markets.

AECOM was commissioned to plan, manage and implement a ground investigation along sections of the 883-km-long pipeline. Part of the project involved replacing sections of Soviet-era oil pipeline between Baku in Azerbaijan and Supsa in Georgia.

Located in remote and mountainous areas, the project included the investigation of four new river crossings constructed by microtunnelling or horizontal directional drill methods, as well as four pipeline reroute or replacement sections and four proposed construction camps along the route.

Specialist geophysical techniques were employed at selected crossings to support the ground investigation and better define the subsurface ground conditions. AECOM also provided geological hazard mapping, seismic risk assessment and geotechnical engineering design of slope stabilisation measures along the pipeline route.


Patrick Cox