The project was part of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Albania represented the agency’s first effort to destroy chemical weapons and was their first significant project outside of the Former Soviet Union. AECOM helped Albania become the first country in the world to destroy its declared stockpile of chemical weapons.

The project site was located in a remote and undeveloped area outside the capital city of Tirana.  The work site had no infrastructure, requiring AECOM to supply power, water, discharge control, road widening and resurfacing, communications and a supply-chain network. To support both OSHA and European standards, a site workplan, including safety and environmental controls was developed in four languages – English, Albanian, Italian and German. The AECOM project included a workforce and subcontractors from  America, Germany, Albania, Italy, the Republic of Macedonia, the UK and Greece.

Agent processing, facility demolition and demobilization from Albania all were completed ahead of schedule and within budget allowing DTRA and Albania to meet critical Treaty requirements supporting Albania’s efforts to enter the European Union.