Client: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN), meaning ‘Empower People, Strengthen the Nation’ in Tok Pisin aimed to improve service delivery outcomes for women, men and children across PNG by supporting the engagement of citizens, civil society, the private sector and government in shared public decision making. Applying and promoting democratic principles, SPSN targeted improvements in health, education, gender equality and disability-inclusive development.

SPSN supported the improvement of service delivery in PNG through the following five key service areas:

  • Strengthening practice and promotion of democratic governance through key partnerships;
  • Facilitating communities working together to address identified priorities;
  • Supporting initiatives that improve local governance;
  • Strengthening collaboration of men and women to promote democratic governance; and
  • Strengthening human capital for the practice of democratic governance.

This six year program was effective in strengthening community capacity, promoting democratic governance and improving access to services.

Selected Outcomes

  • 87 of the country’s districts and all 22 provinces were reached by the program.
  • AECOM administered over 400 grants with a total value of AUD 71 million for activities that focus on issues such as gender equality, health (including HIV and AIDS), education and disability.
  • More than 1 million direct beneficiaries (51% female) were reached by the program.
  • Approximately 88,500 participants in training activities including over 78,400 community members, 5,300 government officers and 2,900 civil society organization personnel.
  • More than 400 government and civil society organisations received capacity building.