Paul Lev, a senior wastewater technologist with AECOM walks past a set of four trickling filters at the Annacis Island WWTP in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. AECOM serves as the prime consultant for engineering services for the plant which treats 175 billion litres of wastewater every year, and handles 75% of the wastewater for the Vancouver metropolitan area. Serving over a million people, the design allows the ability for the plant to double in capacity. The project involved upgrading an existing plant to secondary treatment. With a construction value in excess of $450 million; this was one of the largest municipal infrastructure projects undertaken in Canada. The massive project met all critical milestones, with costs 15% below the original budget. Effluent quality has consistently met stringent discharge criteria.

Also, as part of the current Stage V Expansion, AECOM has been commissioned to complete the pre-design, detailed design, and construction services for a fifth trickling filter pump which is to be provided as a standby pump. In order to provide redundancy and operational flexibility, four existing pumps and the new standby pump will be connected to a pipe header to allow flow routing from Trickling Filter Pump 5 to any of the four existing trickling filters. A primary effluent modulating bypass valve will also be provided to by-pass primary effluent from the trickling filters and to direct flow to the existing solids contact tanks.

This exposure was taken handheld at 1/125th of a second, at f 8.0 at ISO 100 on a Canon 1Dx camera with 24-70mm lens and Heliopan circular polarizer set at 45mm.

Photo © Robb Williamson / AECOM

Originally published 07.15.2014

Author: Robb Williamson