Implemented by AECOM, the USAID-funded Adapt Asia-Pacific program integrated knowledge transfer, capacity building and technical assistance to link climate funding organizations with eligible Asia-Pacific countries and help prepare projects that increased resilience to the negative impacts of climate change. The principal objective of USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific was to support governments in 27 countries in the Asia-Pacific region develop and finance climate change adaption projects and build the capacity of the region’s governments to independently access climate adaptation funds.

The project focused on four key areas:

  • Building national capacity to prepare adaptation projects;
  • Facilitating access to climate change adaptation finance;
  • Organizing training and peer-to-peer learning; and,
  • Promoting regional networking and training.

For additional information about the project, visit Climatelinks and weADAPT.

Selected Outcomes

  • Helped increase resiliency for almost 1 million beneficiaries and supported the development of 36 climate change adaptation projects across the region, including nine gender-inclusive projects.
  • Leveraged a total of USD 576 million from international climate funds, donors and governments for adaptation projects and trained more than 1,000 government officials in climate change finance and adaptation issues.
  • Strengthened regional knowledge sharing for climate adaptation through its support to regional platforms and knowledge portals incuding the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), the weAdapt portal and the Climate Change Asia Initiative by the Asian Institute of Technology.
  • Implemented two large regional capacity building programs – the Economics of Climate Change Adaptation for 10 countries in Asia, and the Pacific Cost Benefit Analysis for 14 countries in the Pacific in partnership with UNDP and other regional development partners.
  • Developed and delivered two hallmark training programs – the Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience course focused for urban managers and the Project Preparation and Finance course for government officials developing climate change adaptation projects. The courses are currently being incorporated into the training curriculum of multiple universities in the region for long-term capacity building.
  • Improved institutional capacity of 40 government institutions in Asia and the Pacific to better respond to the negative impacts of climate change.
  • Hosted four regional forums that brought adaptation funds and project proponents together as a key mechanism in Asia and the Pacific for facilitating access to funding opportunities.