AECOM is currently providing our nuclear power customers a wide range of operating plant technical services. From plant modifications to beyond-design-basis external events, our services span facilities across the nuclear fuel cycle.

We also support engineering for nuclear new build, development of new nuclear technologies and the emerging small modular reactor market.

Through our global focus, we offer clients a wide range of technical and engineering services, including owner’s engineer for nuclear new build, license renewal, alternate source terms assessments, control-room habitability projects and independent spent fuel storage options for all of the currently available dry cask storage technologies.

For more than 60 years, we have been the engineer or constructor of record for 49 nuclear power plants totaling 39,000 megawatts of nuclear power. Our work has included the first nuclear units in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Taiwan, as well as the last new U.S. nuclear plant to be placed online, Watts Bar Unit 1.

Our staff has helped to maintain the reliability of the nuclear operating fleet by accomplishing thousands of technical services tasks and life-extension modifications at more than 100 operating units. We have established a comprehensive and responsive maintenance capability and have managed dozens of refueling, modification and maintenance outages.

Operating through our SGT joint venture, we are one of only two major U.S. companies providing construction-support services for large component replacements, such as steam generators and reactor vessel heads, for the commercial nuclear market. SGT has been repeatedly recognized for superior performance on these intricate modifications under the most aggressive outage schedules.