AECOM’s tunnel and bridge specialists are internationally recognized for designing and managing construction on signature bridges and landmark tunnels around the world.

We have worked on projects for all levels of government and private agencies, and our experience spans every type of highway, bridge, tunnel and interchange, including several of the world’s largest design-build projects.

Tunneling specialists

We’ve delivered more than 500 miles of roadway, transit and rail tunnels worldwide. Our team of underground engineers and supporting specialists are skilled in tunneling through a variety of ground conditions using such methods as:

  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Earth pressure balances
  • New Austrian tunneling
  • Cut and cover
  • Microtunneling
  • Immersed tubes

As international industry leaders, our specialists are skilled in designing, developing and constructing and supporting underground stations systems for fire and life safety, ventilation, crossovers and mechanical and electrical systems — all the supporting structures and facilities that go along with tunnels. Our team never stops improving — we continually challenge ourselves to develop advanced technical solutions to meet ever more complex needs.

Complex and long-span and specialty bridges

Delivering complex and long-span bridges is as much an art as a science. AECOM’s interdisciplinary team is equal part artist and engineer. We’ve punctuated our 80 years of experience by designing, developing and managing some of the world’s most striking long-span and complex bridges. Our bridge practice is led by world-renowned engineers who tailor each and every program to meet our clients’ specific needs. We provide such services as:

  • Bridge planning
  • Modeling
  • Design
  • Alternate delivery
  • Erection calculation
  • Construction supervision
  • Bridge inspection, maintenance and management