I was born in Uganda to parents who were trailblazers in their own right, and I grew up in a home where taking risks to achieve goals was encouraged.

I’m inspired by those who have broken barriers in design, innovation and human capability. These individuals have walked a road less traveled and are encouraged by the endless possibilities of what we can do when we don’t place limitations on ourselves. My responsibility is to continue breaking the mold for women who dream of entering the technical work space, like those who have walked this path before did for me.

AECOM has given me the opportunity to merge my specialized skills and expertise. From car counting to managing major project delivery, my work has allowed me to grow into an analytical thinker able to interpret complex data, draw meaningful conclusions and make business recommendations that enhance project delivery. Externally, I have been intrinsically involved in South Africa’s broader transport industry in several strategic capacities and currently serve as a board/committee member for a number of transport organizations and structures in the country.

I am an avid believer in leaving a legacy in all that I do, so I am passionate about the social and developmental aspects of infrastructure project delivery in AECOM’s Africa business. For example, one way a major program can address sustainable project delivery is by focusing on local content programs. These programs are implemented by executing strategies that incorporate training and development opportunities for communities and local businesses, while delivering world-class infrastructure. I believe these types of projects leave a lasting impression on the public.