As a marketing and strategy development director for AECOM in San Francisco, California, I ensure stakeholders have visibility into the great work we do through full project lifecycle marketing.

Since day one at AECOM, I have been constantly learning — about our services and disciplines, our growth market opportunities, and the interesting challenges our clients face that we help them solve. This knowledge has driven me to look for new and creative ways to knit our services together across business lines so AECOM can deliver the most innovative, cross-enterprise solutions for our clients.

Because I am a “connector” by nature, this work is perfect for me. I make a difference by breaking down real or perceived barriers and by bringing the right teams and individuals together. Transcending the norm and achieving excellence starts with “looking up” from day-to-day tasks and considering big-picture drivers and goals. For me, this means identifying how to best work across services, disciplines and geographies, while enhancing how we collaborate with our clients and each other.

My favorite thing about AECOM is my colleagues: They are some of the most diverse, intelligent and interesting people I’ve ever met. On a single office floor, I can interact with archaeologists, construction superintendents, economists, data center engineers, graphic designers, transportation planners and even cyber security analysts! The energy that comes from such varied experience in one place makes me excited to come to work.