I’m a project foreman for our Canada oil and gas business in Whitecourt, Alberta. My team helps build and maintain the infrastructure that supports the processing and delivery of energy resources to market.

As a person who likes working with my hands and my mind, I was attracted to the field of construction engineering technology, which combines math, science, engineering, construction and business. I help come up with creative solutions to the practical and technical challenges associated with infrastructure development.

I graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton and had a variety of jobs, such as working at a sawmill and as a labourer on a drag line rebuild, before joining Flint Energy Services (a legacy AECOM company). I was hired into the Management Training Program, which places high-potential candidates in an accelerated development program for the oil and gas market. I started out as a field labourer and began expanding my knowledge of the industry. After a couple years, I graduated from the program and began assisting on bids and covering for project managers while they were on holiday. Now, I perform a wide variety of tasks, depending upon our ongoing projects and the positions required. I’ve been the general foreman for pipelines and facility work, phase foreman on larger pipelines, and cost controller and scheduler.

Much of my job satisfaction comes from creating lasting, resilient infrastructure that will be here for many generations. I understand the importance of working ethically, safely and with respect for our resources. As a foreman, I have to be mindful of all of these things — in particular safeguarding our people.

A couple winters past, I oversaw the demolition of a gas plant. This was the first time I was assigned the role of being the “number one” onsite and it was a great responsibility. The project went smoothly and the crew went home safely each day with no injuries. It’s these people I work with who are my inspiration, as well as lyrics from Corb Lund: “Pull the dragons from the ground… he brings the power to the people.”

My future plans are to continue my education and finish my apprenticeship as a steamfitter/pipefitter, adding to my knowledge of the industry and furthering the development of my skills — for the benefit of myself, my team and the projects we deliver for our clients.