I wouldn’t change a thing about my military career, or my decision to join AECOM after it was over. From an early age, I was steeped in stories about my dad’s time in the military. He fondly remembered his experience; it had a strong influence on his life. And, as it turns out, mine as well. I saw it as an adventurous way to see the world, get an education and serve my country.

As a young Captain in the U.S. Air Force, I had the opportunity to manage the design and construction of a cruise missile base in the Netherlands. I later served in the Middle East, overseeing civil engineering operations at a major U.S. Air Force base and managing troop construction of an allied headquarters and air operations center. I retired from the Air Force with 25 years of active duty service in the civil engineering career field.

In the military, leadership skills are constantly reinforced as well as the need to be flexible. We must thrive on change, work collaboratively and operate on a relatively short learning curve. All of which have served me well at AECOM, where we work with multi-functional teams across business lines and geographies to deliver innovative solutions to our U.S. Air Force clients.Sally

I currently serve as AECOM’s client manager for the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) and executive sponsor for a $950-million AFCEC architect-engineering (A-E) services contract. I manage pursuits and delivery of a wide range of services including environmental investigation, clean-up, compliance, and traditional A-E services for design and construction of military facilities, including airfields and mission support facilities. I currently monitor more than $150 million in ongoing projects and coordinate with project managers supporting military bases at U.S. and overseas locations. It is very rewarding to match AECOM’s talent and skills to deliver valuable services to the military anywhere around the world.

Following in my family’s tradition, I am proud that my daughter is a Logistics Readiness Officer for the U.S. Air Force. She loves it. And, I can’t think of any better preparation for whatever course her career may take.