I chose a STEM career in engineering as it is an industry built on technical knowledge, but also one that rewards thinking in new and different ways. I believe we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation by showing how engineers use their creativity to solve problems, helping create a better world now and for the future.

As a graduate engineer with our bridges team in the Croydon office, part of AECOM’s Greater London Campus, my current project is the Civil Assessments Framework Agreement, or CAFA, which involves the inspection and assessment of railway bridges owned and operated by our client Network Rail.

I first began working for AECOM as a summer placement student and was offered a graduate position when I finished my undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering. With my full-time position working on CAFA, I’ve had the chance not only to further my technical knowledge, but to gain experience in inspection and site work. It has been the perfect experience for me as a graduate — learning how to cooperatively address client needs with a strong emphasis on health and safety.

My project manager has empowered me to continually learn, improve my skills and take on a range of additional responsibilities early in my career. I’ve also participated in different aspects of project management, such as interfacing with the client, coordinating training and organising traffic management.

The wider AECOM community (my department, office and beyond) also supports me in projects and activities outside of my job. This summer, I helped organise AECOM’s participation in the Pride in London Parade and was recently named to lead the Croydon Corporate Social Responsibility team that runs charity events in the office. I am particularly proud of being a member of the AECOM Work Experience Programme, which has allowed me to pass on some of my knowledge to secondary school students and help encourage their interests in engineering.

My experience with AECOM has already provided me with a great range of opportunities and has been the perfect place to start my career as a civil engineer.