Dams, Hydropower & Levees

AECOM’s experts work with clients to harness the power of water and control its flow through dams and levees.

We provide a full range of risk-analysis services associated with system integrity and consequence assessment including economic impacts, potential life loss, impact to ecosystems and the environment, and cost benefit analysis.

Our hydropower experts have designed and constructed all types and sizes of plants, with capacities of up to12,600 MW and heads from 21 to 2,165 feet. We bring significant experience in greenfield developments, as well as rehabilitation of existing facilities, for both conventional hydro and pumped storage schemes.

Our dam specialists bring a proven track record in all types of design, including homogeneous and zoned earthfill, rockfill, CFRD; ACRD, RCC, mass concrete, concrete buttress and concrete arch. With a specialty in dam and levee safety, we rehabilitate existing dams and levees and repair of a wide variety of flood risk management systems.


Awards & Rankings:


#1 in Dams and Reservoirs


#1 in Hydro