Aus4Transport is an Australian Government initiative to support the Government of Vietnam in developing high-quality transport infrastructure to promote economic growth and poverty reduction.  Aus4Transport is managed by AECOM on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The project’s goal is to increase investment in Vietnam’s road, rail and inland-waterway infrastructure projects, by bringing higher quality projects to market faster.

Working in close partnership with Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the wider transport sector, our team of local and international transport and project management specialists provides support through two work streams:

  1. Facilitating project preparation for major projects that are listed, or soon to be listed, in the Government of Vietnam’s Mid-term Investment Plan; and
  2. Supporting the sector through research, innovation, policy reform, and training that responds to the specific needs of various transport users (including women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities) as well as dealing with issues related to the development of the sector, including road safety and climate change.

This represents a significant shift in Australian support to Vietnam—from the construction of hard infrastructure to partnership, building capacity, supporting longer-term reform and introducing innovation to the planning and design cycle.