If architecture is a form of the record of history, AECOM is certainly proud to be the lead design of the conference venue that sets a stage for China to engage with the world.

Positioned as a national conference reception center, the Yanqi Lake International Conference Resort is situated in the west peninsula of the famous Beijing Yanqi Lake. With a total island area of 650,000 square meters and a construction area of 180,000 square meters, it includes 12 villas for distinguished guests, large international convention center, a boutique hotel and supporting facilities.

It hosted the Beijing APEC Economic Leaders Forum in November, 2014, when its beauty was revealed to the world. The design takes respect for subnational Chinese cultures into full account. With a traditional Chinese layout resembling the concept of the country’s territory, it takes the courtyard as the core

space for each unit of the architecture. The project reflects China’s diversity of different regions in five groups, showing its Eastern philosophy of “harmony in diversity” to people around the world withdifferent cultural backgrounds.

The project is an integrated design milestone highly spoken by the client and recognized by the market and represented the harmonization of some of AECOM’s strongest capabilities in China, including master planning, architecture design, landscape architecture, environmental and ecological design and planning. It is the first large-scale multidisciplinary and cross-office project on AECOM’s integration platform in China. In four years from conceptual plan to project implementation and successful operation, it is the embodiment of our pursuit for excellence and integrated core technical visions.

Through design consultation, the process of creating the project efficiently managed the project quality, markets the project brand, completes the project to be a reception center for state guests with the highest standard in China, and significantly promotes the co-branding benefit with AECOM. As an international demonstrative and promotional window of modern China, the project adheres to principle of sustainable development and environmental stewardship, reflecting a sense of responsibility to the environment and native culture and putting that into practice through high-level and interdisciplinary collaboration of AECOM’s design teams, creative a significant legacy on internal and external professional advancement.