Mindful of its important geographical location among Shanghai’s significant landmarks, the new China Shipping Company headquarters offers a modern setting that respects the site’s past.

The building is located along the bank of the Huangpu River, just across from the Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront. Originally, the site was occupied by the Dongjia Ferry House, the best ferry in the Far East in the 20th Century. The industrial heritage of the site has greatly influenced China’s modern maritime history, culture and techniques.

‘Flow’ is the main concept that organizes the building’s interior and exterior spaces. AECOM’s concept unites the site with the building’s facade, integrating the podiums, the tower and the internal atrium design through flowing lines. Views across the Huangpu River, Binshui Greenbelt and the old ferry are connected along the main axis of the site. Buildings located on the north and south sides are slightly rotated, giving a direct view from the atrium toward the Huangpu River. The tower is designed on the north side of the axis, where its height creates an overlook to Lujiazui, Shanghai’s financial district. Buildings at the south side of the axis provide connections and access between the building and the river.

The building’s exterior is integrated into the urban environment, designed as a new landmark with scenic spots for everyone to enjoy. A new ferry garden provides relaxation and education with an exhibition to learn about the old ferry’s history. The rooftop is also a landscaped terrace, creating a setting to admire and coexist among the architecture, history and stunning location.


  • Second Prize of Shanghai Exploration and Design Trade Association Award 2019, Public Building