The city of Saint-Jérôme Québec required improvements to its drinking water treatment system to satisfy current regulations following revision to the current drinking water quality standards. After the expansion, the $34 million plant will be able to satisfy the city of Saint-Jérôme’s population needs for the next fifteen years. Main components of the project included a pumping station and building to house the new high-pressure pumping station installation of four vertical turbine pumps for high-pressure distribution, structural modifications to both existing reservoirs, construction of a new building housing ultraviolet disinfection, sodium carbonate and other chemical systems.

AECOM also provided relocation of the process equipment in the existing plant; new interconnecting steel reinforced concrete pipes between the old and new reservoirs and new distribution steel reinforced concrete pipes in the existing network with diameter varying between 400 to 900 millimetres. The construction methods deserved particular attention. During the two year construction period, every task had to be organized not to interfere with the current plant operations. The treated water’s physico-chemical conditions greatly affected the maintenance of the distribution network. For final approval of disinfection, the design team was required to pull in support from various experts for advice to reach a consensus.