Transport Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, in partnership with the United States Federal Highway Administration and the Michigan Department of Transportation (“The Partnership”), plans to implement a new international border crossing at Windsor / Detroit. To address this plan, the Partnership is undertaking an environmental study process on both sides of the border to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (OEAA), and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). AECOM was retained to undertake the EA / CEAA and preliminary design for the Canadian portion of the work.

Cultural Resource Management Component

  • Completion of Stage 2 and 3 Assessments for archaeological resources within the Technically and Environmentally Preferred Alternative (TEPA).
  • Completion of a Heritage inventory within the TEPA.
  • Completion of Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports for heritage resources within the TEPA that have potential Cultural Heritage Value or interest.
  • Detailed evaluation of the potential impacts to archaeological and Heritage Resources provides for better decision making in the highway design process.
  • Avoidance of impacts to areas of Windsor with high cultural heritage sensitivity.
  • Support for the aboriginal consultation process through the provision of research and support materials, meeting co-ordination and inclusion of First Nations members in the archaeological process.
  • Early identification of impacts allows for forward planning of mitigation alternatives for heritage resources including the relocation of heritage structures.