The Ministry of Housing is reclaiming six separate landmasses off the east coast of Bahrain for the provision of housing, light and heavy industry facilities as well as military facilities. The construction works include the reclamation of 600 hectares of land on a number of islands.

The Ministry of Housing is acting on behalf of a number of governmental bodies including the Ministry of Industries (MOI), National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) and Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) to provide the reclamation platforms for development.

AECOM has been appointed to undertake the concept, preliminary and detailed design of the marine works including the ground investigation and hydrographic surveys. AECOM were also commissioned to assist the ministry with the technical inputs required for the preparation of tender documentation, reviewing of the dredging and reclamation contractor tender submissions as well as assisting with the awarding of the contract.

As part of the design, hydrodynamic modelling of water and wave conditions was undertaken as well as a structural engineering consultation by the Bahrain based maritime team.

A key part of the works is liaising and complying with the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) regulations. The reclamation is intended to be undertaken adjacent to a number of strategic gas and fuel supply lines in and around the project area. Liaising with the proprietors of three nearby power and desalination plants was key to the progress of the works. Our Bahrain based environment team worked closely with all interested parties to formulate a monitoring and testing regime to ensure that key water quality parameters such as total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, temperature, salinity and total coliform levels were not elevated by the construction works.