AECOM was part of the team which planned Garuda Wisnu Kencana, an integrated culture park development featuring Balinese culture and nature.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is a 240 hectare private cultural park at the southern end of Bali, Indonesia. Devoted to Hindu god Vishnu and his mount, Garuda (the mythical bird), it will have the world’s largest statue (146-meters tall) of Vishnu riding Garuda by sculptor Nyoman Nuarta. AECOM was commissioned to provide landscape services for Phase 1 (30 hectares) of the development which includes the arrival landscape, gateways, site enhancements and cultural thematic elements.

The landscape master plan for Phase 1 “Tale of Journeys Through Bali” divides the journey into three zones, each with its unique story and design features.  The journey begins with “Journey Through the Wild Forest” which features a lush tropical arrival gateway into the cultural park. The master plan captures the essence and uniqueness of the place through re-establishing the image of “Balinese forest,” and capitalizing on the scale and magnificence of stone work in the park.

The landscape for “Journey of Garuda” tells the story of mythical Garuda from birth to its journey with Lord Wisnu, as depicted in the legendary statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana.  Finally, the journey ends with the “Journey Through the Flavors of Bali,” weaving in the diverse colors and ethnic Bali into the retail and commercial areas.

A reignited project from the 90’s, the new concepts behind GWK addresses ecological, social, and ethical issues of the region. An adventure of a lifetime among preserved natural land forms is created via underground, ground and elevated trails through breathtaking limestone caves and pillars enormous plazas. Garuda Wisnu Kecana Cultural Park is an integrated destination rooted in true Balinese culture.