AECOM is providing architectural and engineering services for new and remodeled McDonald’s sites across the country. The projects are based on the most current design standards as well as customized design concepts for their specialized urban markets.

AECOM has assembled teams of architects, engineers and designers, at multiple strategic offices, that have experience in national roll-out programs. Under a client account manager, a team of designated program managers coordinate and direct individual project teams captains, engineers, and production staff.  These teams work with McDonald’s Headquarters, regional and area construction managers to establish and document the scope of work on a project specific basis.  When appropriate, additional support is also obtained from AECOM offices that may be local to a specific site or region.  Using this organizational model, AECOM is able to maintain continuity and efficiency in the design and documentation of the projects, track and issue change directives, as well as establishing a clear line of communication with the appropriate team or staff and deliver a cost effective solution to McDonald’s.

Using the depth and staffing resources of a company the size of AECOM, core teams are able to be quickly designated and trained on client standards.  Projects are initially allocated based on regional experience, but remain flexible enough to respond to fluctuating deadlines and workloads.  Program managers continually evaluate and manage project assignments to assure that we “right-size” ourselves to meet our client’s needs and goals.