AECOM is one of the Tier Two consultants of Microsoft worldwide, our diffuse geographical presence is a guarantee that projects are delivered with a strong tie with local market and industry standards.

AECOM’s team undergoes a severe training to become familiar with the sophisticated Project procedures and the multinational team of the US giant. In Italy AECOM has already delivered the iconic Porta Volta’s HQ and is now assisting Microsoft with the refurbishment of its Rome’s office.

Microsoft Rome’s office is a stand-alone 3 floors over ground building, currently leased to two different Tenants, which will undergo a downsizing and refurbishment through the years 2019-2020. The refurbishment will be focused on the ground floor and second floor area for an approximate total surface of 2’100 sqm.

The project’s scope is based on the following activities:

– Reorganization of the inner spaces;
– Upgrade of the MEP systems of the building;
– Architectural refurbishment of the above-mentioned floors.

The project requires a special attention towards the cohesion of Microsoft’s standards, in terms of acoustics and lighting, with the artistic touch to be given to the interior finishes.
The refurbishment works will be carried out ensuring full functionality of the spaces, thus allowing Microsoft to perform during the activities in a safe environment. This approach has been made possible through a methodical study of the site activities and their interferences with Microsoft’s employee necessity, elaborating an accurate project timeline.