The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) needed to find a way to deliver high speed broadband to consumers in remote parts of Australia.

To do so, they commissioned ten satellite “earth stations” and one radio frequency auto tracking station to form the Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS)—a key part of the National Broadband Network.

Each satellite earth station included two 13.5 m (3.28 ft) ViaSAT satellite antennas. Two of the stations also included two 13.5 m (3.28 ft) General Dynamics satellite antennas.

The LTSS is designed to deliver broadband speeds of up to 25 mbps download and 5 mpbs upload to 400,000 homes and businesses, 1400 schools and 200 other public buildings, or approximately 3% of the Australian population.

The 10 stations will communicate via two of the biggest telecommunications satellites in the world, launched into orbit on separate Ariane 5 rockets, by mid-2016. AECOM led the engineering services design for the project from concept stage in early 2012 to completion of construction in late 2014.

We provided a range of building engineering services to NBN Co for the project; including:

·       High reliability electrical & mechanical infrastructure;

·       Communications;

·       Fire protection; as well as

·       Hydraulic, structural, civil, acoustics and specialist lighting design.

Our team also provided construction administration for the project, documenting and coordinating the building design in 3D Revit. They performed more than 100 inspections over 11 sites in rural outback areas; not only witnessing the commissioning of the stations, but taking part in integrated systems testing.


National Electrical Communications Association (NECA) award for Best Large Commercial Project in NSW, and Certificate of Commendation for Best Large Commercial Project Nationally.