Niagara University opened the doors on the new B. Thomas Golisano (BTG) Center for Integrated Science. With a desire to attract and educate top science students, as well as excite the interest of non-science major students, retain and bring in energetic teaching/research staff and aid in obtaining additional research grants, Niagara University commissioned the AECOM team to provide comprehensive architectural and engineering services to assist in obtaining their goal.

Science on display

The BTG Center for Integrated Science houses an expanded science department creating a new gateway to the University and establishes the campus landscape vocabulary. The design responded to the character of the campus and illustrated a high technology facility.

Keeping green design elements at the forefront, we explored elements such as direct daylighting, thermal mass wall systems, double wall systems, rain water collection systems, green roofs, positioning of the building, green materials, geothermal energy, and multiple energy saving mechanical and electrical systems.

The new science center was broken down into separately articulated wings joined by a light-filled, two-story atrium. The “Laboratory Wing” consisted of classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, prep areas, NMR, computer rooms, collaborative break-out space, open space for posters and miscellaneous functions. The “Administration Wing” contains offices, library, conference space and support space.