In 1997 Wrocław, the largest city in western Poland and the 2016 European Capital of Culture, suffered from substantial flooding which caused loss of 56 lives and significant damage to property valued at 3,5 billion dollars.  The Odra River Basin Flood Protection Project is one of the components of a future system that will provide both active and passive flood prevention methods for the Odra River basin. It comprises two major tasks: the construction of the Racibórz Dolny flood-prevention dry polder, and the upgrade and modernization of the Wrocław flood-prevention system. The key objective of the project is to extend and upgrade the existing flood defence mechanisms located within Wrocław’s city limits, and within the adjacent settlements, so that they can provide effective flood protection. For the modernisation of the Wrocław floodway system we are providing a range of services, including project management, design, contractors selection assistance, works supervision, and budget management. As a result of the prepared feasibility study, the project has been qualified to receive external funding from the EU Cohesion Fund.  The Project, which is a part of 1 billion euro Programme, co-financed by the World Bank and the EU Cohesion Fund, will increase the flood water flow capacity from 2,200 m3/s up to 3,600 m3/s.