AECOM Tishman served as Construction Manager for One Bryant Park, a 55-story, 2.1-million-square-foot office tower in New York City, jointly developed by The Durst Organization and Bank of America. It is the first skyscraper in the world to achieve a LEED® Platinum rating and includes a five-megawatt cogeneration plant, ice storage plant, extensive gray water retention and recycling system, green roof areas and water free urinals.

As Construction Manager, AECOM Tishman oversaw and coordinated the work of both base building and tenant special work fit-out contractors. AECOM Tishman also oversaw the construction of the Stephen Sondheim Theatre and a new New York City Transit subway entrance and pedestrian tunnel.

AECOM Tishman assisted the owners in achieving a LEED Platinum rating for the new skyscraper by diligently taking the following steps:

  • Teaching subcontractors green building methods

AECOM Tishman made sure subcontractors had absolute clarity about the building’s green specifications in the bid phase. This strategy brought bids in at more competitive rates because subcontractors didn’t have to “leave an allowance” in the numbers to cover green challenges they weren’t familiar with.

AECOM Tishman made sure subcontractors were aware of the difference between the LEED specifications for materials fabricated offsite and materials used onsite (paints, glues, etc.) because the criteria for offsite materials are lower. Materials used in the shop cannot necessarily be used in the field.

AECOM Tishman taught subcontractors how to track and report the criteria for the regionally sourced materials (by weight and dollar value) so that the information could be summarized and reported accurately to the USGBC.

  • Selecting green materials

AECOM Tishman required early submission of green materials so they could be approved concurrently by both the architect and the LEED expert. This strategy saved time and money.

  • Protecting indoor air quality

AECOM Tishman personnel implemented an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plan during construction so that workers had fresh air and ventilation in every area of the building during every phase of the project. The IAQ plan also improved the quality of air for the building’s tenants.

AECOM Tishman ensured that subcontractors shielded both ends of any ductwork to be installed, so when the ducts were delivered, they were not exposed to water- or airborne-contaminants.

  • Preventing mold

AECOM Tishman prevented mold and mildew by making sure subcontractors kept materials out of wet areas and off the floor.

  • Coordinating the building design for co-gen plant

The 4.6-megawatt co-gen plant that AECOM Tishman installed in One Bryant Park provides approximately 65% of the building’s energy and was a key component in achieving enough points to win LEED Platinum certification.

AECOM Tishman was part of the design process, providing advice during constructability reviews as to how to coordinate the design of the building around the co-gen, what structural reinforcements would be implemented, how to coordinate it into the structure, how to install the mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems around it, and how to handle the logistics of equipment delivery and installation.

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