AECOM delivered environmental consultancy services for one of the largest redevelopment projects in France. SBM Formulation, a leading developer and manufacturer of crop protection products in France, is redeveloping its former crop protection manufacturing site in Marseille.

AECOM’s environmental specialists conducted detailed soil and groundwater investigations before developing a comprehensive management plan for the site. The development is now fully compliant with recent French environmental regulations that were introduced in the country in 2007.

As part of the project, AECOM undertook extensive field assessments of environmental conditions at the site, evaluated potential remediation technologies and their cost implications, and delivered quality, health and safety risk assessments to mitigate residual environmental impact. AECOM supervised the remediation work and continued to provide environmental management services throughout the excavation phase.

The project was one of the first and largest schemes in France to meet the 2007 environmental regulations and AECOM was asked to present a case study on the successful delivery of the work to the French Environmental Agency.