As part of the Triennial Architectural Service Contract, AECOM carried out design and general construction review for the removal and replacement of the Wilson Bus Garage roof. Due to the size (25,000 m2) and complexity of the roof makeup, AECOM teamed with R. Kendall Roofing Consultants, to provide specialized roofing consulting services.

AECOM’ analysis of the existing roof revealed that the entire roofing system required replacement down to the deck substrate. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) also requested that the roof design be modified to improve roof drainage by designing the replacement roof with positive slopes to the roof drains. In order to maintain the TTC’s standard roofing requirement for a minimum 300 mm distance of HVAC equipment from the finished roof surface, and because the facility cannot be shut down at any time, AECOM staged the roofing work around the busy operational schedule of this bus garage.