Saadiyat Island is an example of next generation smart-growth planning in the Middle East. When completed, the island will be home to 160,000 residents and a working population of more than 220,000.

AECOM is working closely with Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) to produce the master plan for Saadiyat Island, a new 2,700 hectare signature urban quarter built on a natural island adjacent to Abu Dhabi.

The highlight of the development is a cultural district that will be the focus for artistic exchange and creative expression for the whole region. The district includes cultural venues designed by some of the world’s most celebrated contemporary architects: Frank Gehry is designing the Guggenheim, Jean Nouvel the Louvre, Tadao Ando the maritime museum and Zaha Hadid a new performing arts center for the emirate.

Sustainability is a key feature of the design work. Our master plan aims to restore the lost mangrove and beach front ecosystems, mandate energy urban densities e-mass transport systems, integrate a wide range of community and education facilities and provide housing for a broad range of income groups. The overall development of the island will be phased over 15 years.