AECOM is working with DP Architects PTE in Singapore on the design of the new 285,000 SM General and Community Hospital of 1700 beds. Comprised of an Integrated Regional Hospital, a Community Hospital & Specialist Outpatient Clinic, this development aims to be the best regional provider of integrated healthcare.

The design harmonizes the various components of the project into a seamless and comprehensive medical facility for the Northeast region of Singapore. Multidisciplinary collaboration between care providers will be encouraged and simplified by the extensive network of links between the podium and towers.

The overall concept breaks away from the notion of the single sterile medical facility, and instead creates a more holistic approach towards healthcare and healing. The design also encourages community engagement by incorporating open spaces at the first floor which are fully accessible to the public. This center for the community, with extensive landscaping, cafes and retail outlets, will form a vibrant pedestrian concourse.