AECOM’s definition of eco-tourism guides our architecture design concept and building engineering works that ensures the integration of hotel facilities into the dynamics of its surrounding nature. The Jingji Dameisha Sheraton Hotel represents that aesthetic interpretation of the relationship between built and natural environments.

The Jingji Dameisha Sheraton Hotel is located in the famous tourist destination, Dameisha Scenic Area, in the Yantian District of Shenzhen, along the south side of the Mei-Yan Highway and 24 kilometers from the city center. The site is connected to many key local visitor attractions, with Dameisha Seafront Park to its west and Xiaomeisha Seafront Visitor Center and the Ocean World Park to its east. The hotel sits on a beach slope, covering 60,000 square meters land area. The complex consists of one five-star hotel and resort and their supporting facilities, owning 440 guest rooms and two villas of over 77,000 total floor areas including 12 storeys above ground and two storeys underground. The main building is 50 meter high. The underground space is built using steel reinformed concrete structure, and the floors above ground are built in steel structure.

The harmonization of the architecture to the surrounding nature comes from its dynamic wave-shaped structure, symbolizing the beach and hill typography in the surrounding areas and ocean waves. The curved facade design also expanded views and maximized the intake of sunlight for each guest room to the waterfront to its south or the green parks to its north.

The project won China’s National Excellent Engineering Exploration and Design Building Engineering Second Prize in 2009. TFP is the design partner of the project.