AECOM has been engaged to develop a Green Paper that provides a review of the current responsibilities for the management of the Strategic Cycling Corridor network and advice on options to better plan, implement and manage this network.
Strategic Cycling Corridors are prioritised for investment in the Cycling Strategy 2018-2028 and are defined as the arterials of the bicycle network, which join up important destinations: the central city, national employment and innovation clusters, major activity centres and other destinations of State significance.
The Green Paper is being prepared through a collaborative approach with multiple people from Department of Transport as well as representatives from the Department of Land Water and Planning, Level Crossing Removal Project, North East Link Project, Transport Accident Commission, Bicycle Network and the Amy Gillett Foundation. Together, the stakeholders engaged have substantial experience planning, delivering and managing the State’s transport network.
Objectives of the Green Paper are to evaluate and consider;
• current legislation and guidance documentation that affect the State’s ability to shape SCC network outcomes
• how current designation of responsibilities to own and manage the SCC network impacts the State’s ability to deliver objectives for the future transport network
• the ideal future state without constraints
• strengths and weaknesses of options that exist to the State to better deliver and manage the SCC network, including through existing legislation and creation of new legislation
• whole of life implications for identified options, including implementation pathways
The final Green Paper will present a concise but holistic assessment of stakeholder views which have been investigated through a review of legislation, policy documentation and other literature.