The Taiwan Government has laid out a plan to boost the percentage of the island’s energy supply drawn from renewable sources to 20 percent by 2025. The plan calls for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) review of each Taiwan Power Company wind farm in response to the policy goals. The company entrusted AECOM to carry out stage one of the offshore wind farm monitoring project.

AECOM developed an A-team composed of experts both in and out of the organization, scholars and subcontracts to work on the first government-operated offshore wind firm near the Changhua offshore area. The monitoring project covers a large scale of marine and terrestrial area, as well as a wide variety of monitoring items such as air, water, noise and ecology, with a focus on sea area investigation. An aviary ecology survey and analysis was also conducted. Its excellent performance was reflected by the presence of offshore and seashore bird activities during the construction of the offshore wind farms. From planning to execution, the AECOM team demonstrated professional capabilities both in conducting an EIA and in monitoring the area of the offshore wind farm establishment.