Economic competitive advantage in today’s globalized market must be equipped with proper capacity in transportation. This is especially true for Taiwan located at the heart of Asia’ gateway. AECOM’s aviation experts works with the Taoyuan International Airport to deliver its development blueprint.

Facing the rapid growth tendency of freight and passanger flight in Asia-Pacific area, the Taoyuan International Airport (TIA) shall surely act an important role to connect local and international markets as a key regional hub, and thereby promoting regional development and Taiwan’s competitive strength.

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC) embarked on an ambitious development plan to expand and transform the airport to a major hub airport in Asia. As part of this plan there will be a new third terminal and a third runway. AECOM is appointed by TIAC to undertake the preliminary planning for the proposed Code F Runway 3 at Taoyuan International Airport.

The proposed third runway will be parallel to the two existing runways and at a separation from the existing northern runway to allow independent operations. As a first step the project team undertook extensive topographical and geotechnical (borehole) surveys to provide the technical basis for the subsequent engineering assessments. Runway length analysis and runway separation studies have been carried out to determine the optimal placement of the runway given land availability, obstacle and airport boundary constraints.

The outcome of this Preliminary Planning Study will include the a clearly defined planning solution for the new Runway 3 including an agreed runway length, RET positions, other airfield taxiway connections, an agreed operational category for the runway, definition of the required Navaids, AGL and A-SMGCS, an agreed preliminary pavement thickness design and other engineering solutions for master grading, drainage and hydrological works. The service is provided by AECOM as the leading partner in the JV with CECI. This project is executing in parallel with the Taoyuan International Airport Execution Plan Update project. The integration of the two projects will define the long term master plan for Taoyuan International Airport.