A new waterfront development

AECOM is currently providing landscape architecture design for Treasure Island’s new Waterfront Plaza and Clipper Cove Promenade. The proposed Waterfront Plaza, ferry shelter, and associated coastal landscape are located on the waterfront opposite historic Building One. The approximately 400-foot by 100-foot plaza will serve as an intermodal hub connecting multiple modes of transit including cyclists, pedestrians, ferry riders, shuttles, and buses. The Waterfront Plaza has been conceived as a new gateway to Treasure Island that welcomes visitors, residents, and tourists alike. The Bay Trail is a key component of the waterfront design and extends through the plaza to allow continuous public access. The waterfront in this location has been designed to allow pedestrian access close to the existing riprap edge to take full advantage of the views to the Bay and the San Francisco skyline.

On the south side of Treasure Island, the Clipper Cove Promenade would provide access along the marina waterfront and create a linear open space oriented toward the water and marina activities. The promenade is also part of the Bay Trail and will connect on either end to future continuations of the trail system. The promenade ranges in width from 35 to 40 feet and would include a designated cycle track (a protected lane dedicated for bicycles) and a continuous pedestrian promenade. The proposed grades take into account sea level rise projections. Sub-surface engineering measures will enhance the seismic stability of the promenade beyond the existing dike.

AECOM is developing the landscape design through the construction documentation phase. The team is also working with an extensive consultant team of geotechnical, coastal and civil engineers to coordinate the complex waterfront conditions of Treasure Island.