We have worked with the electricity and gas company National Grid to value, manage and generate investment in the natural capital across their land. We developed a tool to identify the different types of natural capital on their sites, including water and wetlands, looked at what condition they are in and developed ways that the company can maximise the flow of ecosystem services from their land, such as natural flood defences, into the future. The approach was awarded the National Grid Chairman’s Award and was shortlisted for the Finance for the Future Awards.

Using the tool, we estimated the impact that woodland, grassland and freshwater on their landholdings have on a range of services such as local air quality, recreation, carbon storage and flood defences. We were then able to generate monetary values for each of these ecosystems.

Our work with National Grid has helped them secure funding for ecosystem restoration projects at two of their sites in the UK. The projects will help improve a range of services including visual amenity, pollination, and wild species diversity. We’re now working with them to roll out the tool across their landholdings, helping the company unlock value and build a business case to invest in their natural capital.