Velti is a leading global mobile marketing and advertising firm that offers Fortune 500 companies cutting edge technologies to reach their consumers and drive brand awareness. For its new headquarters, the client chose the sixth floor of the Steuart Tower in San Francisco’s Financial District. The 38,000-square-foot office offers expansive views of the Ferry Building and San Francisco Bay and ample space for a creative, flexible workplace.

The scheme of the new headquarters embraces an innovative workplace strategy that allows its broad range of employees — marketers, engineers, executive directors, IT, product developers, and in house counsel — to work in a collaborative and inspiring environment that embodies their brand. The program includes offices, dining facilities, exhibition and public gathering space as well as an employee recreation lounge — the Tavern — which houses a video arcade, photo booth, bar, and game room.

Strategic design interventions such as carefully attuned circulation, retractable walls, ample natural light, a unique departmental neighborhood system, and formal and informal workspaces, ensure the headquarters is a workplace for the future.

The distinct workspace neighborhoods of formerly scattered departments are defined by layout through color, graphics, furniture and finishes. The aim was to enable communication without forfeiting the character of each respective department. All the neighborhoods are linked by predominant textures and graphics that run throughout the headquarters.

The featured elements of design include exposed concrete floors, open and layered ceilings, custom super graphics and expansive views which exemplifies the qualities and the culture of the client’s organization.