Located on a 40 hectare area of reclaimed land from the sea to the north of Bahrain, the vision is to create a development to maximize financial returns for Investors by creating a premier mixed-use blend of property. The development is a place to work and play and has been given the accolade of the “Capital of the Capital”.

The site has a potential fixed population of 30,000 people on the commercial and residential portion with a floating population of another 10,000 people.

Working with masterplanner and sub-consultant HOK, AECOM developed the masterplan for the city. This involved the design of road corridors, building massing, and land-side marina facilities. One of the key features of the development is a Pearl Island.

For the detailed design work, AECOM/HOK prepared and refined the overall platform shape as well as the shape of each parcel of land for development. Outline urban design, land use and the identification of architectural themes for the different neighbourhoods and land parcels were identified, as well as landscape concept designs for public areas..

The development will comprise luxury villas, villa compounds, a school and a small retail component. The engineering services relate to the whole development area covering an area of approximately 165 hectares.

The overriding objective of the preliminary assessment was to identify the risks on the development associated with the existing ground conditions as well as the location of the development in securing a supply of services.

Preliminary Infrastructure Design has been carried out which includes the development of the services layout for the following:

  • Power
  • Irrigation
  • Telecommunications
  • Potable Water
  • Surface water drainage
  • Sewerage
  • District cooling

AECOM have also conducted extensive hydraulic modeling for the site.