AECOM acted as owner’s engineer for the construction of a 48MW wind farm in Mycielin. The farm will include 24 wind turbines and appropriate technical infrastructure including, among others, internal roads and crane pads, MV, HV and FO network, electrical substation (SS). The scope of services includes supervision and verification of design works, compliance and quality of technical documentation, deliveries of equipment and works, management of wind farm commissioning and its effective start-up as well as supervision and coordination of tests within the warranty period. Additionally AECOM performs the functions of the Site Manager and the Site Supervisor’s. The expected annual energy production from Mycielin WF will amount approximately 142,000 MWh (50% probability) or 136,000 MWh (75% probability). Therefore the environmental benefit of the project will be to reduce greenhouse gases emission in an amount of 90,596 tons per year (50% probability) or 86,768 tons per year (75% probability) (calculated based on an emission factor, representative for projects supplying additional electricity to the grid, as of 0.638 tCO2/MWh, produced for Poland in 2012). Apart from saving the greenhouse gases emission, the Mycielin WF will also result with significant ‘avoidance’ of post – combustion emissions. The project is in line with European Climate Change Program. Many European countries, including Poland, have adopted national programmers aimed at reducing emissions. These cover various policies, adopted at the European level as well as national levels, includes among others:

  • Planned increase in use of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass)
  • Improvements in energy efficiency in e.g. buildings, industry, household appliances