Wyndham Park Redevelopment transforms a 4.5ha under-utilised parkland into a vital urban and regional parkland, activating Werribee City Centre. As Werribee’s primary public open space precinct, the project accommodates a diverse and inclusive community, supports local businesses by increasing visitation and strengthening connections, and enhances and protects the sensitive landscape it surrounds.

The project provides a safe, integrated, multi-purpose outdoor recreation and events hub offering a diverse range of activities whilst protecting cultural, geological and ecologically sensitive landscapes. It provides space for:

  • Major public events, concerts, and community gatherings
  • Open air markets
  • Two bespoke playgrounds
  • Active and passive recreation

The redevelopment of Wyndham Park was conceived as a central component of the Werribee City Centre Vision and Structure Plan, with the objective of creating a premier central park and events space in the heart of Werribee, providing:

  • Cultural heritage and precinct representation
  • Community and cultural integration
  • Economic stimulation and growth
  • Improved social infrastructure and activity

With a diverse and family-focused community, two separate play spaces were carefully designed for the younger members of the Werribee community to encourage active play and social interaction. The play spaces have been carefully considered to enhance and highlight the specific character and unique setting of Wyndham Park. The Nature Play space for toddlers and young children provides sensory and imaginative play with an emphasis on inclusivity and special needs development, whilst a bespoke Adventure Play space appeals to older children.

To ensure the park is accessible to high visitor numbers, the design focussed on creating different destinations (playgrounds, open space, feature picnic areas, the Peninsula Shelter & Arbor) within the park to appeal to a diverse community group. Central to the park is the newly created Events Lawn which caters for a large variety of events such as concerts, community shows, school and society performances, and open-air food / craft markets.  The adjacent grassed embankment and “feature lounge seat” provides additional space for informal, elevated viewing of the Events Lawn. An inclusive network of ramps, pathways, and stairs allow for different modes of travel and levels of ability, connected to main entries, public transport, and adjacent public parking. Bicycle connectivity is much improved creating a formal, separated link between Werribee St and the Werribee River Trail.

The park’s new multi-functional lighting design offers improved safety which has led to increased visitation. Improved amenity including tailored lighting to suit concerts and public events provides both site specific and best practice lighting guidelines for public safety, family orientated enjoyment and evening entertainment event. Orientation and wayfinding lighting ensure park users can easily and safely make their way through the park. The lighting design included architectural appreciation including atmosphere and character, and environmentally conscious and ecologically sustainable design approaches.

Wyndham Park is a space for the community in which to play, socialise, exercise and enjoy cultural and community activities, providing distinct spaces for social interaction.

“The redevelopment of Wyndham Park has exceeded community expectations, delivering a vibrant and green recreation and events hub to the heart of the Werribee City Centre. Prior to the redevelopment, the 4.5-hectare site was primarily a disused parkland, not easily accessible by the community, with no public infrastructure. Since completion, the park is frequented by the community for picnics, play, sport and exercise, and large events attracting thousands of patrons. The connection between the Werribee River and the City Centre is also improved, driving more people into the heart of Werribee, contributing towards the reactivation and revitalisation of the area.”