AECOM’s workplace consultants and design experts transformed LinkedIn’s Germany headquarters in Munich, creating a contemporary space that maintained the company’s unique culture and enhanced employees’ engagement and experience.

After LinkedIn turned to AECOM for initial workplace design consulting in 2015, it retained our specialist team in Germany in 2018 to solve its spatial demands and cultural challenges that arose because of its swift growth.

Our Data & Insight and Change Management teams accompanied and supported the local LinkedIn team during the project. They identified and addressed measures and behaviors that enabled a sustainable long-term solution to “future-proof” its office space.

In addition to adjusting the interior design, our specialists envisioned a cultural change. This included a shift from assigned to un-assigned desks, using informal areas and meeting rooms differently, and moving from traditional to activity-based working. The introduction of flexible seating involved various changes to the office space and furniture.

AECOM developed the existing design concept into a fit-out package, seeing the project through to completion. We coordinated the general contractor, coordination with landlord’s facility management and local authority, advising on tendering and purchasing with the focus on workplace furniture, light, IT and AV integration, bespoke elements and communication integration.

The final result was well received, with 80 per cent of people working in the LinkedIn office reporting they were pleased with the new layout.