HSR networks not only connect people reliably across cities and between countries but also offer great opportunities for urban regeneration. Appointed to adapt and design infrastructure surrounding the new HSR connecting Spain and France, we created a modern, interconnected urban environment, realigning Barcelona’s overground and underground transportation network, which includes the new HSR, metro, intercity railway and bus stops, joining up several existing neighbourhoods to bring improved social cohesion and economic opportunities. The size and technical complexity of the scheme reinforces Barcelona’s position as a major European railway hub while serving as an urban regeneration tool, setting standards in railway design.

This Project involves a complex transformation of significant areas surrounding the new high speed rail connecting Spain and France. Our team has been appointed to adapt and design the railway’s infrastructure to develop a modern and interconnected urban environment. Several neighbourhoods previously divided by the railway will be integrated – Sagrera, Sant Marti and Sant Andreu – to foster social cohesion and bring economic opportunities. The plan involves the development of extensive residential, commercial and leisure spaces around the realigned overground and underground transportation network, including: high speed railway, metro, intercity railway and bus stops.

The size and technical complexity of the plan will see the project become one of Spain’s urban landmarks: a strategic alliance between France and Spain’s state-owned railway companies.