The Shell Technology Centre Hamburg (STCHA) is a renown research and development facility within Shell’s global network. Following a feasibility study and masterplan, AECOM developed the Concept Design for new facilities of the site, using 3-D modelling. A focus of the project were detailed cost estimates as well as the elaboration of an implementation concept.

The Shell Technology Center has developed steadily since the 1950ies. In order to prepare for future requirements,  Shell initiated a comprehensive renewal of the STCHA  site.

AECOM prepared the concept design for eight new  STCHA facilities, including laboratories, test facilities, energy central, site services and a new entrance building. These concept designs are based on the principles of a masterplan developed by AECOM in an earlier phase of the project.

In order to identify and address the complex and diverse requirements for each facility, AECOM’s design team was continuously present at the site and initiated a close dialog with all stakeholders. During milestones workshops with Shell’s key personnel, the AECOM team presented their ideas and received feed-back. This ensured a target oriented and time efficient process. Developing a trustful relationship with Shell’s on-site staff proved to be a key element  for preparation of successful concepts.

AECOM provided detailed cost estimates for each facility in combination with an elaborated implementation concept. Safety during construction as well as ongoing operations of the STCHA were key requirements.  By structuring the concept in phases and logical modules,  AECOM allowed for a step-by-step implementation which provides maximum flexibility for SHELL within the long-term principles of a comprehensive masterplan.

The architectural design creates a distinct and consistent appearance for each facility, demonstrating STCHA’s  aspirations and ambitious future role both for SHELL’s clients and employees.