AECOM partners with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to drive energy innovation and resiliency

AECOM delivered a Master Energy Strategy that helps define NAIT’s energy needs and roadmaps a path for future key achievements in clean energy

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Dec. 15, 2020) — AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, today announced it has completed the creation of a Master Energy Strategy for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). AECOM was selected to perform this work in 2019 as part of NAIT’s master development plan to consolidate operations, expand the campus, and renew aging infrastructure. The Master Energy Strategy focuses on the viability of community energy generation, building partnerships to support sustainable energy goals, and constructing enhanced training centers to support the study of multiple clean energy approaches.

“The Master Energy Strategy supports NAIT as a leader in energy innovation and emphasizes its role in the community through the collaborative involvement of industry representatives, technology providers, contractors, and students,” said Annika Moman, senior vice president of AECOM’s Design and Consulting Services group’s Energy practice. “We’re thrilled to have been part of the team that establishes the institute as a world class, innovative, and low-carbon educational destination that actively contributes to sustainable energy advancement and resiliency for the university and surrounding area.”

“The Master Energy Strategy outlines a clear, phased path for NAIT toward energy supply resiliency and cost predictability,” says Rob Akkerman, director of facilities management at NAIT. “In addition, through AECOM’s findings and input from academic program staff, we’ve identified training opportunities related to decentralized energy generation, microgrid solutions, and potential future district energy developments, enabling further innovation for NAIT and the community for years to come.”

Through the Master Energy Strategy, AECOM assessed the existing condition of energy infrastructure, demand, and utility rates; growth in energy demand in line with campus expansion; opportunities in energy conservation, onsite alternative energy generation, advanced microgrids, and district energy; and financial and regulatory constraints of community generation. This resulted in a roadmap to achieve several key objectives, including up to a 50-percent reduction in campus-wide energy usage intensity; nearly flat utility demand growth, despite a twofold increase in gross floor area; cost-effective electrification of a majority of the campus; and a new energy infrastructure backbone that is flexible for advanced alternative energy applications.

This work was completed through a grant NAIT received from Energy Efficiency Alberta under the Community Generation Capacity Building Program to support participation in Alberta’s alternative energy market. AECOM’s Master Energy Strategy not only identified energy generation opportunities on the institute’s main campus but also outlined a holistic plan for expanding NAIT’s energy infrastructure amid significant campus growth planned over thirty years. These opportunities will ultimately support the City of Edmonton with its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

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About NAIT
The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is a leading Canadian polytechnic, delivering education in science, technology and the environment; business; health and skilled trades. With nearly 34,000 credit and non-credit students and a 98 per cent employer satisfaction rate, NAIT grads are essential to the provincial economy. NAIT also contributes to Alberta’s prosperity by helping business and industry become more competitive with Industry Solutions offered through its Productivity and Innovation Centre, including technology adoption, business and product innovation and industry-driven research. Recognized as one of Alberta’s top employers, NAIT provides outstanding returns on investment for its graduates, partners, the provincial government and the people of Alberta.

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