New Partnership Offers Hope for Florida’s Algal Bloom Crisis

AECOM teams with Bloom Holdings to deploy revolutionary technology

TALLAHASSEE (Sept. 26, 2016) — AECOM, a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm, and BLOOM Holdings, LLC, a materials development company, have announced a strategic teaming agreement to deploy technology to mitigate harmful algal blooms. The joint initiative aims to provide an economic and ecologically sound solution to a problem that increasingly affects the world’s water resources.

BLOOM harvests wild algae from water bodies around the world, solar-dries the biomass and converts it to a key feedstock for producing flexible foams and plastic products. The algae-based feedstock is used in the manufacturing process for products ranging from sporting goods and athletic footwear to foam insulation and automotive components. BLOOM’s mobile harvesting units, developed by parent company ALGIX, remove algae as well as potentially harmful nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that feed algae growth—returning clean, filtered water back to habitat.

Following the unprecedented statewide algal blooms in Florida this summer, BLOOM and AECOM—which provides planning, engineering, construction and scientific expertise to infrastructure challenges of all scales—began exploring options to extend sustainable mitigation approaches to  algal blooms.

“Combining AECOM’s environmental and infrastructure experience with BLOOM’s patented technology provides an innovative avenue to mitigate the algae crisis,” said AECOM Vice President, Dan Levy. “This approach holds promise not just in Florida, but throughout the United States and other regions of the world.”

The BLOOM process is designed to be sustainable and does not use harmful chemicals.  “BLOOM’s algae harvesting technology safely collects algae from freshwater bodies at risk of algal bloom before a potentially toxic algal bloom grows, and without disrupting the balance to the natural ecology,” said Rob Falken, BLOOM’s managing director.

AECOM Senior Project Geologist Bill Colona added “We look forward to working with Florida policymakers, state leaders and stakeholders to provide cost effective, practical ideas to help mitigate the algal blooms that are plaguing our coastal estuaries.”

Through AECOM, BLOOM’s trailer-mounted algae harvesting units are available for use by municipalities, local governments and state agencies charged with the responsibility of battling local algal bloom problems.


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BLOOM is an American high-performance materials manufacturer based in San Diego, CA and founded in 2015. Together, with their parent company, Algix, they have operations in Meridian, MS, and Wuxi/Yixing, China.  BLOOM uses algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources around the world, (like lakes, rivers, and ponds) at high risk of algal bloom. Using algae biomass helps improve technical performance and offsets the use of petroleum ingredients found in conventional foams. Learn more at

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